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Are we prepared for the next big Quake?

Megson FitzPatrick, Resources & Insights, BC Earthquake, Shake Out BC

A major Earthquake is due to hit the BC coast at any time, this is a 1 in 500 year event and the last one was over 400 years ago. The odds of a major (8+ on the Richter scale) happening here in the next 50 years is 1 in 3. This Earthquake and potential following Tsunami is expected to create over 75 billion dollars of damage and nationwide economic impact.

The question is how well are we prepared? The answer to this is not very well. To many, the reality of this overwhelming and a scary thought for us all. However, taking steps to be ready one step at a time will make all the difference when the quake hits.

Check out this video from Shake Out BC on the facts around “The Big One” and how you can be best prepared.