We look to provide solutions, not just insurance policies
We look to provide solutions, not just insurance policies Jay Tuson, CEO


Business Insurance

Megson FitzPatrick helps you manage your risk so you can grow your business. We work with you to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your business and deliver solutions that will respond to your needs. Megson FitzPatrick has a presence in Victoria larger than any of the international brokerages. Our Team doesn’t need to wait for the go-ahead from a distant head office to take action; we are the head office. The decision makers are here in Victoria so your needs are addressed quickly and efficiently; and our service model ensures customers have a dedicated team assigned to their organization.

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3byFive -Risk Services

Everyone buys insurance for their business. But of all the things out there that can harm or even slow your business, how many can be fully addressed with an insurance policy alone? This is the question that drove us to create 3byFive. Traditional Insurance brokers start with one solution in mind; insurance, it’s what they sell. They look to utilize this one tool to provide protection against only one form of risk, Hazard. Hazard risk is exposure to Fire, Earthquake, Theft or Liability claims.

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Motorcycle Insurance

In 1993 Michael Megson, a motorcycle enthusiast, recognized the need for a provincial program specifically for motorcycle riders. We are proud to be the first in BC to offer a physical damage program for riders. As a market leader our program covers a wide range of riders and bikes.

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Personal Insurance

Megson FitzPatrick has the right residential coverage to suit your needs. Whether you are a long-standing or first time homeowner, a condominium owner or a tenant, we have a policy that provides full coverage for you. At Megson FitzPatrick we take the protection of what may be your biggest investment seriously.

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Serious claims can occur at any time. Our commitment to claims excellence means that you can be assured of round-the-clock access to professional adjusters and contractors. Our team understands how important it is for you to have your claim dealt with promptly and professionally so you can focus on your business. Following the proper steps when a claim occurs may also help minimize the loss and save you time and money

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