Motorcycle Insurance

In 1993 Michael Megson, a motorcycle enthusiast, recognized the need for a provincial program specifically for motorcycle riders. We are proud to be the first in BC to offer a physical damage program for riders. As a market leader our program covers a wide range of riders and bikes.

We have three distinct programs available to BC’s riders:

All three of these are available through our Online Application.

The Motorcycle Program

These are some of the features that make our Motorcycle Program a favourite with BC’s riders:

We offer a combination of on-road and storage coverage. The policy automatically takes into consideration the seasonal use of motorcycles, so we don’t restrict your on-road use to a certain period of time

  • “All Perils” annual combined coverage (Collision & Comprehensive combined)
  • Policies are written on an Agreed Value basis
  • A variety of deductible options
  • One claim forgiveness (no rating penalty)
  • Emergency roadside assistance up to a maximum of $100 per occurrence, with no deductible

The Motorcycle policy includes:

  • Travel Protection when travelling outside your city of residence
    • $500 additional living expenses in the event of loss or damage from an insured peril
    • $1500 to bring a damaged or recovered stolen vehicle back home
    • $1500 of travel expenses to return home
    • $500 replacement vehicle expenses
  • Lock re-keying- if keys are stolen, with no deductible
  • The policy coverage will extend to trailers towed by your motorcycle and attached accessories, provided they are included in the declared value
  • Up to $1000 of riding gear coverage is included (additional limits available upon request)

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Optional Coverage – The Touring Package

Our New Touring package is designed to protect the ride not just your bike. The first optional coverage of its kind available to BC’s Motorcycle riders offered exclusively by Megson FitzPatrick.

Protection in the event of a physical damage claim or if you are medically unable to ride while traveling outside your city of residence:

  • $1,000 additional living expenses
  • $3,000 to return your bike back to your city of residence
  • $1,500 travel expenses to return home
  • $200 emergency roadside assistance
  • $500 replacement vehicle expenses for rented or borrowed automobile

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