Earthquake 1-2-3

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A family returns to their home after the New Zealand earthquake.

Earthquake 1-2-3 is a collaborative public awareness campaign produced by Megson FitzPatrick, Capital Iron, Thrifty Foods, The City of Victoria and the Times Colonist. This campaign produced nine monthly information pages in the Times Colonist designed to inform and prepare the families of Southern Vancouver Island for a large magnitude earthquake.
In each publication there are steps you can take in three categories:

1. Awareness– we all need to be aware of the risks and impact a major earthquake could have.
2. Preparedness– How can people get prepared for a major quake, what will you need?
3. Planning– Besides a comprehensive kit you will also need a plan, how will you communicate with family and loved ones, where will you meet if your home is not habitable?

Below you will find copies of all 9 parts of the series. We encourage you to download these for your reference and take steps to get your family ready.