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Executive Management Team & Shareholders

Jay Tuson, CIP, CAIB Shareholder/CEO

Craig Mattear, B.Comm, CIP Shareholder/Director of Insurer & Corporate Relations

Brenda Ireland Shareholder/Director of Personal Insurance

Laura Bolster, CIP, CRM, CAIB Shareholder/Director of Commercial Insurance

Nick Mason, BFA Director of Marketing & IT

Yasmin Nathoo Director of HR & Operations

Julia Hopewell, CGA Director of Finance

Michael Megson, BA, FCIP, CRM, CCIB Shareholder/Commercial Insurance Account Director

David FitzPatrick, BA, CIP, CRM, CCIB Shareholder/Commercial Insurance Account Director

Luke Mills, BA, CIP, CRM, CAIB Shareholder/ Risk Advisor

Shelbourne Location

Commercial Team

Laura Bolster, CIP, CRM, CAIB Director of Commercial Lines

Barbara Fowler Corporate Account Director

C.P. (Cary) Augustini, CAIB, CRM Commercial Account Director

Chantal Arnold, CAIB IBT Account Executive

Chelsea Atkinson, CAIB IBT Account Director

Chrissie Woloschuk, CAIB IBT Account Administrator

Craig Mattear, CIP Director of Insurer & Corporate Relations

Crissy Jensen, CAIB IBT Account Director

David FitzPatrick, BA, CIP, CRM, CCIB Corporate Account Director

Erin FitzPatrick, BA, CAIB Corporate Account Manager

Heather Anderson, CAIB Corporate Account Manager

Heidi Hoffman, CAIB, CIP Account Manager

Jackie Foster, CAIB CIP Corporate Account Administrator

Jade Mutter, CAIB IBT Account Administrator

Kira Kenny, CIP, CRM, CAIB Corporate Account Manager

Kristy Kotscherofski, CAIB Commercial Lines Assistant

Lucille Cuell, CIP IBT Account Director

Michael Megson, BA, FCIP, CRM, CCIB Corporate Account Director

Nicole McDonough, CIP, CRM, CAIB Fleet Coordinator/Account Director

Richard Dhillon, CRM Commercial Account Director

Valda Hall, CAIB Corporate Account Manager

3byFive Team

Luke Mills, BA, CAIB, CIP, CRM Risk Advisor

Steve Noreen Risk Advisor

Caley FitzPatrick-Byrne, CAIB Risk Services Coordinator

Personal Lines Team

Harjeet Sihota, CAIB Department Manager

Amanda McPhee Account Manager

James McCraken Account Manager

Beverley Sahlstrom, CAIB Account Manager

Jean Bell Account Manager

Joelle Laing Account Manager

Shelley Parussini Account Manager

Darlene Hansen Auto Account Manager

Sheila Ciesek Auto Account Manager

Motorcycle Team

Christopher Murphy Motorcycle Program Coordinator

Financial Services

Dana Craft Risk Advisor & Financial Planner

Gina Showers Admin Assistant

Keray Stott Risk Advisor & Employee Benefits Specialist


Elisabeth Panduro, CAIB, CIP Claims Manager

Accounting Team

Julia Hopewell, CGA Director of Finance

Claudia Costa, BA, CGA Accounting Coordinator

Kerri Gill Accounting Assistant

McKenzie Location

Marleen Richardson, BA, CAIB, CIP Branch Manager

Jennifer Brown, CAIB Account Manager

Garth Blair Auto Account Manager

Susan Black Auto Account Manager

Laura Tatnall Auto Account Manager

Wilson Location

Annette Olsen, CAIB Branch Manager

Kelsey Sullivan Auto Account Manager

Brandi Pringle Auto Account Manager

Brent Hunder Auto Account Manager

Brenda Aspinwall Account Manager

Krista Bourgeois, CAIB Account Manager

Lissa Hunter, CAIB Account Manager

Uptown Location

Shannon McElroy, CAIB Branch Manager

Jenny Piluso, CAIB Account Manager

Megan Carter Account Manager

Risha Coote Account Manager

Andrew Morton Auto Account Manager

Angel Miki Auto Account Manager

Ashley Stimson Auto Account Manager

Jason Briggs Auto Account Manager

Damon Parr-Pearson Auto Account Manager

Russell Thompson Auto Account Manager

Terry Barker Auto Account Manager

Sharon Clendening Receptionist