Life at MFI

What makes Megson FitzPatrick special? Our Team. We understand that by taking care of our team, our team will take care of our clients.

Now at 100 team members, Megson FitzPatrick still feels like a family. Our leaders lead, they don’t dictate. Open doors actually mean, open doors. And we believe that everyone is growing and learning. We also believe in having fun and bringing happiness and joy into the workplace. We work hard and play hard.

We include our team in so much of what we do, asking for input, ideas, and feedback. Our annual employee engagement survey allows us to hear how the team feels and helps us to grow as an organization.

The people on our team have diverse backgrounds: some members have years of insurance experience, some started with none. But we recognize that each person we recruit brings their own unique qualities and attributes that will help us reach our goals. We’re very careful who we hire, because we’d rather have an empty position than hire the wrong person. Yet we’ll take a chance on someone with potential, because we hire for attitude and train for skill.