There’s Coverage for That: Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Office workers know there are few things as frustrating as broken printers. For most of us, the copier/scanner/printer/fax machine (or a hybrid of all those things) is the biggest piece of machinery we contend with in our work day, and when it doesn’t work like we want it to, we dramatically declare our day ruined.

For business owners, the consequences of machinery breaking down extend far beyond irritated and inconvenienced employees. Firstly, there is the financial cost to repair or

Crash-Free Christmas: Avoiding Holiday Accidents

For many celebrators, the holiday season requires a lot of time on the road: trips to the mall and to parties, long treks to see family, grocery stores runs (sometimes multiple in a day, if you refuse to inventory your cupboards before you start baking, like me). Though we all celebrate differently, most of us would agree that being involved in a car accident is not how we would choose to spend the season.

According to ICBC, there is an

It’s Snow Joke – Insurance is Different in the Winter

“Canadians are fond of a good disaster, especially if it has ice, water, or snow in it.” – Margaret Atwood

I wonder how many insurance brokers Margaret Atwood knows. Unlike our compatriots, perhaps, we do not like disasters. We do not like them at all. She is right about the nature of Canadian disasters, though – ice, water and snow all feature prominently in our winter problems.

In the colder months, many of the home insurance claims that arise are

One Tequila, Two Tequila… Uh Oh: What You Need to Know About Your Travel Medical Coverage in Mexico

Canadians travel to Mexico in the fall, winter, and spring in huge numbers (about 2 million every year), in search of sun, sand, food, drinks, fun, and relaxation, all of which is available in abundance.  What travelers don’t necessarily expect is to find illness and injury alongside of the happiness.

Everybody hopes for a safe and fun vacation, but, in the insurance world, we plan for the worst. Having emergency travel medical insurance in place is a vital part of

Distraction: Dangerous, Careless, Preventable | National Safe Driving Week, December 1 – 7, 2019

“Distracted Driving is a trend on the rise, a dangerous and life-threatening behaviour that must be stopped. To mark this year’s National Safe Driving Week, the Canada Safety Council and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) share a crucial message: distraction behind the wheel is entire preventable. Just don’t do it.”

To read more including statistics, challenges and other types of distractions, click here for