ICBC’s New Income Top-Up Coverage – What You Need to Know

We’ve been talking about ICBC’s new Autoplan model, Enhanced Care, for a few months now. For us, and for you, there is a lot to learn. Last month, we answered some of the most commonly asked general questions about Enhanced Care, and gave a basic overview of the way coverages are changing under this new program.

Now, we want to focus in on one specific coverage that is available for

The Touring Package – For Motorcycles on the Move!

The temperature may still be dropping below zero at night, but it’s starting to feel like spring, and here at Megson FitzPatrick, spring is known as motorcycle season.

As you bring your bikes out of storage, and get ready to get riding, we wanted to remind you of our optional Touring Package, for anyone riding out of town this motorcycle season.

What is it?

Megson FitzPatrick’s Touring Package is a group of coverages designed to protect you while you are

Nice to Meet You, Nanaimo

Earlier this month, we announced that we are opening an office in Nanaimo. It will be our first office outside of Greater Victoria, and we are so excited!

Nanaimo’s booming development and investment in infrastructure to accommodate its expanding population made it a natural choice for our newest office location. Plus, we hear it’s a great place to live and work.

Like the city of Nanaimo, Megson FitzPatrick is growing. We have been insuring businesses

Ask an Expert: ICBC’s Enhanced Care

As you have probably heard on the news, ICBC is changing things up this spring, and embracing a new insurance model called Enhanced Care.

Basically, with Enhanced Care ICBC is looking to move away from a model centred around litigation and toward a model centered on providing care to British Columbians involved in vehicular accidents. A key tenet of this move is a lawsuit ban that applies to most accidents.

This is a significant change to the way car insurance

ICBC Update: COVID-19 Rebate

There are big changes underway at ICBC right now as they move to a new model of insurance this spring called Enhanced Care. Under the Enhanced Care model, most customers will see their premiums decrease, and ICBC will be refunding customers whose insurance expires later in the year.

While ICBC’s Enhanced Care premium reduction is on the top of most minds, there may be another refund coming your way as well.

During 2020, ICBC reports