BC Wildfire Season is Upon Us

In British Columbia summers are known for a lot of things: markets full of farm and artisan goods; fresh berries and cherries and stone fruits; and days spent on lakes with breathtaking vistas. However, as residents know, summers in B.C. also often involve wildfires.

What is a wildfire?

The B.C. government defines a wildfire as: “An unplanned fire… occurring on forest or range lands, burning forest vegetation, grass, brush, scrub, peat lands, or a prescribed fire set under

Why You Should Buy Renter’s Insurance

We get asked it by renters all the time: I don’t have much stuff, why would I buy insurance? The answer: a renter’s insurance policy covers so much more than your personal belongings! Plus, it sets you up better for the future.

Here are some of the main reasons why we recommend every tenant buy renter’s insurance:

Contents Coverage – Should your personal property be lost, stolen, or damaged by an insured peril (such as fire, water, lightning, wind, hail,

Coverages You Don’t Know You Have: Lock Replacement/Re-Keying

Tucked away in all kinds of insurance policies are wonderful little coverages most people aren’t aware of. From good-will payments if you accidentally damage someone’s property, to food that spoiled after your freezer breaks down, there are many different coverages included (for free!) in your home insurance policy.

Today, we are focusing on one such included coverage: Lock Replacement.

Most comprehensive home insurance policies include $1,000 – $2,000 coverage if your keys are stolen and you need to have your

Construction Costs and Your Insurance – What You Need to Know

Due to widespread shortages, construction costs have skyrocketed in Canada in the past couple years. If you don’t have plans to build or renovate, you may think these escalating costs won’t impact you; however, if you insure your home or any sort of commercial or residential building, increased construction costs will likely impact your insurance.

What materials are increasing in cost?

  • The price of lumber has increased approximately 400% since 2019, partly due to the increasing demand, but also

ICBC’s New Income Top-Up Coverage – What You Need to Know

We’ve been talking about ICBC’s new Autoplan model, Enhanced Care, for a few months now. For us, and for you, there is a lot to learn. Last month, we answered some of the most commonly asked general questions about Enhanced Care, and gave a basic overview of the way coverages are changing under this new program.

Now, we want to focus in on one specific coverage that is available for