Back to Basics, Part One: Finding the Policy that is Right for You

Is your New Year’s resolution to learn more about insurance? Well, then you are in the right place!

The first time I purchased insurance, I was seventeen-years-old, and my dad wrote down on a sticky note the coverages and deductibles I needed. It was not until several years later, when I started working in insurance, that I actually knew what my vehicle was covered for.

For many people, renewing insurance policies is like filing taxes: you have to do it

Ho- Ho- Holiday Safety

For most of us, the holiday season will look a little different this year: less travelling, smaller gatherings, no sitting on Santa’s lap. Having a COVID-safe Christmas is, understandably, at the top of our minds. While we are thinking about holiday safety, here are some tips to help prevent some classic (pre-COVID) Christmas damage and injury.

For your home:

  • Keep your mind in the kitchen when you are cooking. Regardless of the revelry around you at Christmastime, don’t lose

Home Alone: Insurance Edition

Have you ever wondered how much money Kevin’s antics in Home Alone cost the McAllister’s? Are you curious about what damage in that movie would (or would not) have been covered by insurance? Then this is the blog post for you.

By special request (from my brother), we will break down what would and would not have been covered by insurance in Home Alone.

But first, a brief synopsis of the movie:

  • A family (the McAllisters) goes to Paris

Taking Care of Business… from Home: Finding the Proper Coverage for Your Home-Based Business

In February, we wrote to you about the volatile, or “hard,” insurance market that is causing premiums to increase, and is heightening underwriting requirements.

In the past few months, our commercial insurance team has noticed an increase in the number of home-based businesses that require commercial insurance policies, instead of being covered by an extension from their home insurance.

Here is what you need to know about insuring your home-based business.

What is a home-based

Are you Covered for That?: Tool Insurance for Tradespeople

According to CTV News, the Victoria police reported an increase in break-ins in the area this spring, at both commercial and residential locations, with thieves tending to take electronics, bikes, and tools.

For anyone who works in a trade, tools are an essential part of your livelihood. Without them, much of your job could not be done. So what happens if your tools are stolen?

We have said before that every business and independent contractor