What to Do When No One’s Home: Insuring Vacant Properties

If you have ever purchased a house you did not move into for a while, or had tenants move out of your rental home unexpectedly, you probably have an idea of how difficult it can be to insure a vacant home.

In Victoria, many house and condos are usually rented to students; however, few students will be returning to our post-secondary institutions in the fall.  With pandemic restrictions shifting learning from face-to-face to online, we thought it would be a

Forms, Inspections, ID, Oh My!: Registering a Vehicle in BC

Last month, we gave you tips on how to transfer ownership of a BC-registered vehicle, when you purchase a new or used vehicle.

But what about when you move to BC and bring a vehicle with you? Or when you purchase a vehicle from another province, or country?

It can get complicated. So, here’s what you need to know.

Canadian-Registered Vehicles

Most vehicles have to be registered within 30 days of purchase/import; however, vehicles used

Liquor Liability Insurance

It’s Phase Three in BC, and that means the bars are open! As pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, and wineries, begin to re-open for in-person service, and other venues adapt their operations, it is a good time to review the importance of liquor liability insurance.

What is it?

Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for establishments that serve alcohol. It covers the costs and fees associated with defending a lawsuit, as well as damages awarded in a judgement, brought against the establishment

There’s Coverage for That: Identity Theft

We talk a lot about cybercrime on this blog (Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance, the risks of Remote Work and of Online Shopping) and how you can protect yourself and your business, because when the world went digital, so did many criminals.

Identity theft, in particular, has transformed as digital dependence increased. According to CPA Canada, dumpster diving to find personal

Out with the Old: Transferring Vehicle Ownership with ICBC

With 2020 being what it was – unsettling, confusing, shocking, and anomalous (hopefully!) – many people are looking for something new, something fresh, something exciting in a time when there is not always much good news to be found.

Selling your old car and buying a new (or new-to-you) vehicle can be a way to freshen up your life a little, but do you know what to do with your ICBC insurance when you sell your vehicle? What about insuring