Do Your Homework: Tips for Working Remotely During the Pandemic

Today, I write to you from my kitchen table, the new normal for me and many others. Like everything else in the world right now, working from home feels strange. So far I have learned (a) what a modem is (yes, I know should have known that already – if they had called it the internet box with the flashing lights, I would have got it right away), (b) that our kitchen chairs are rather uncomfortable, and (c) that you

Traveling During the Pandemic: What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Your Insurance

Everything feels a little different during a global health emergency: in addition to rationing flour, I stopped dreaming of traveling the world, and started dreaming of traveling to the grocery store guilt-free. For some, however, trips had been booked, and others were already traveling when the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) escalated.

To understand whether your travel insurance will cover you for pandemic-related problems, we need to consider a few things: the date you booked your trip, your date of departure,

Pandemic Precautions: What You Need to Know About ICBC Insurance and COVID-19

During a global pandemic, there are enough things to worry about without stressing over your car insurance. To make things easier and safer for anyone looking to renew or make changes to their car insurance, ICBC has temporarily changed their rules for completing certain transactions.

Many insurance brokers are no longer providing in-person service to protect their clients and their staff, and to help comply with social distancing protocols. However, insurance is as important now as always, so Megson

An Important Message Regarding COVID-19


As the pandemic continues to change, we would like to share Megson FitzPatrick’s plans on how we will continue to serve our clients while adhering to our social responsibilities of reducing the level of social interactions in our three locations.

Walk-in traffic
While our offices are no longer open to the general public, and in-person meetings have been temporarily delayed. We remain open for business, as serving our clients is our number

Battle of the ICBC Coverages: RoadStar vs. Roadside Plus

There’s more to car insurance than the basic collision, comprehensive, and liability coverages that come to mind when we are asked to think about Autoplan. ICBC has a number of coverage options that offer additional protection to everyone who purchases them.

The two most popular, and most commonly confused, coverage packages with ICBC have similar-sounding names, and similar-sounding coverages: RoadStar and Roadside Plus. If you are not an ICBC auto insurance expert, telling the difference between the two can be