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Campfire Safety

It’s camping season! We earned it this year, with that long rainy spring (can we even call it spring?!), and the reward is no early campfire ban.

As wet as the earth may be in southwestern BC, campfire safety is just as important as ever. As you head out into nature, please keep in mind these campfire safety tips:

  • Only burn in designated areas (use the ring/pit in your campsite)
  • Use local firewood to prevent the spread of damaging insects and diseases
  • Inspect the area around the fire pit and remove any debris before burning
  • Avoid lighting a fire in extreme wind
  • Use matches or lighters to ignite the fire instead of gasoline or flammable liquids
  • Keep the fire small
  • Have a responsible adult monitoring the fire at all times
  • Supervise all children and pets around the fire
  • Keep sand and/or water close by to quickly extinguish the fire
  • Have a shovel on hand
  • Stay with the fire until it is completely extinguished
  • Remember, your fire is not out until the ash is cool enough to touch

Have fun and stay safe!

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