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Cyber Risks & Liabilities

In the last year, an alarming majority of Canadian establishments reported falling victim to multiple cyber attacks, according to a recent report by Carbon Black. These breaches are not only incredibly costly to the organizations and encouraging to their perpetrators, but are in many cases preventable through basic diligence of cyber security maintenance.

The report found that a staggering 83% of surveyed organization reported suffering a cyber security breach in the last year, with 22% reporting five or more breaches in that time. This high number of breaches per organization is further supported by the 76% of Canadian organizations that reported an increase in cyber attacks in the last year. Furthermore, 25% of organizations reported that the number of attacks had increased by half since the previous year.

However, cyber attacks on Canadian businesses haven’t only grown in frequency, but have also grown in complexity, with 81% of surveyed organizations reporting that the attacks they had experienced in the last year were more complex than those of previous years.

While no organization is completely immune to cyber attacks, the survey showed that 83% of larger organizations (over 5,000 employees) reported increased attacks, while only 65% of small businesses (under 250 employees) reported an increase in cyber attacks.

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