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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign… Come and Get Yours!

At Megson FitzPatrick, helping our community is one of our driving forces. As our vision statement puts it: We exist to improve the lives of our Clients, Team, and Community.

Part of our commitment to improving our community is in our road safety initiative. For many years now we have been providing free Kids at Play signs to all our clients who want them for their street.

These signs signal that there are children around, and encourage drivers to be extra cautious, but they works best in combination with other safety measures, like:

  • Restricting play to yards
  • Ensuring children wear bright or reflective clothing when they will be near roads or driveways
  • Having parents supervise children if they are playing on or near a street
  • Teaching children to look both ways before crossing any street
  • Reminding kids to be on alert for cars, and move as soon as they hear or see them
  • Requiring safety gear if they are using scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles or anything else with wheels

And, as you may have heard, the district of Saanich is participating in a 3 year pilot project where the default speed limit on streets with no yellow centreline will be reduced to 30km/h.

Whether you’ve noticed people driving too fast down your street, or just want some added peace of mind when the children in your neighbourhood are outside playing, a Kids at Play sign may help!

Visit one of our offices today to get your complimentary Kids at Play sign. (Please note: we can only provide one sign per customer.)

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