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Winterize Your Motorcycle

Summer came to an official end a few days ago, and as the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to start thinking about storing your motorcycle for the winter season.

Here are some tips to help you properly store your bike:

  • Wash, clean, wax and remove all debris from the bike
  • Depending on your bike, you may want to drain your fuel tank, but often it’s better to add a fuel stabilizer to a full gas tank
  • Lubricate your chain and cables
  • Check your coolant levels and fill or replace as needed
  • Depending on your battery, you may want to use a trickle charger to keep it charged; smart chargers, though expensive, can help preserve your battery life as well.
  • Change your oil and replace the filter
  • Plug your exhaust pipes and muffler to keep pests out
  • Put your bike on stands to prevent flat spots, or utilize your centre stand if you have one. If you are unable to keep the weight of the tires while storing your bike, rotate the tires once a month. (Do not overinflate your tires before storage.)
  • Store your bike inside a temperature-controlled area, or cover your bike with a weatherproof cover designed specifically for motorbikes. (Do not cover your bike in plastic.)
  • Keep the bike out of sight from people passing by, and lock it to help prevent theft.

Just because you are not riding it, doesn’t mean you don’t insurance on your bike. Motorcycles are susceptible to theft all year, and bikes can be damaged while in storage by fire, vandalism, or falling object. Talk to your broker about storage insurance coverage for your motorcycle in the off-season.

All Megson FitzPatrick motorcycle policies automatically include storage coverage while you are not riding your bike. For more information, call us today at 1.888.595.5212.

Start a conversation with one of our expert brokers today to determine the right coverage for you.

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