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Chilliwack Motorcycle Insurance

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Chilliwack Motorcycle Insurance

Chilliwack is one of the best cities to live in within the province of British Columbia. As its 7th largest city, Chilliwack provides many opportunities for residents and business professionals alike. Moreover, Chilliwack is an excellent city for motorcyclists. However before you set out with your new bike for the first time you will want to purchase sufficient motorcycle insurance. Chilliwack bike owners, whether new riders or experienced ones, should understand the importance of having the right coverage in order to financially safeguard both themselves and their precious investment. What would happen if your bike was involved in an accident, vandalized, stolen or damaged? A general Chilliwack motorcycle insurance policy may provide adequate liability coverage should you be held accountable for the injuries of another person or damage to their owned property. As well, a wide variety of motorcycles may be covered under your policy.

Megson FitzPatrick adores our neighbours in Chilliwack and is excited to start working with you in order to guarantee that your precious toy is sufficiently protected. No matter what your vehicle is used for, whether it’s a way to get around, a collectible, or for leisure, our experts will always provide you with solutions that work. Our risk management and protection solutions are unrivaled by any other provider in the industry within British Columbia so you can always trust in us to give you insurance programs that work so that you can enjoy getting back on the open road. We are constantly looking for more ways to improve our service and interactions with you so that you never need to ask yourself the question “what if?” again.

Get a free Chilliwack motorcycle insurance quote online with Megson FitzPatrick through our website. It comes with no obligation and provides you the chance to see how easy good, comprehensive coverage can be in only a few clicks.

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Do I Really Need Motorcycle Insurance in Chilliwack?

In order to operate a motorcycle in the province of British Columbia you will be required to carry a base minimum of coverage. Moreover, it is always recommended like with any insurance that you acquire a certain amount of coverage to safeguard yourself should anything unfortunate befall you and your bike. Accidents are called accidents for a reason and no matter how safely we operate our bikes there is always the chance that something could happen.  

Because motorcycles are more difficult to spot on the road and are small enough to unexpectedly chance direction they can be more expensive to insure. Motorcycles are also relatively unpredictable which is why they are more costly to insure than cars and also do not include the typical safety features of an average vehicle, such as a seat belt or air bag. Our experts here at Megson FitzPatrick highly recommend that you purchase a plan sufficient enough to cover you and your bike for all the ways you choose to use it. We can help provide you with a Chilliwack motorcycle insurance quote that covers all the gaps so that you don’t need to worry. 

What Does my Chilliwack Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Your average motorcycle insurance in Chilliwack is likely to include coverage for a portion or all of the costs resulting from any damage caused to your bike. Of course, it is important that you understand what your policy covers so that you can adjust accordingly in order to ensure sufficient coverage. Your run-of-the-mill policy may provide reimbursement for damage to third parties and their property. This coverage is referred to as property damage liability or bodily injury liability and your policy may provide reimbursement up until a decreed amount.

Below we have compiled a list of what may be included in your average Chilliwack motorcycle insurance policy:


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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This coverage helps to reimburse you for repairs or replacements pertaining to an incident involving an uninsured or underinsured operator on the road.

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Replacement Costs

For your motorcycle if it is totaled in an accident, collision, or was stolen.

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Accident Benefits

For injuries as a result of a covered loss.

Like with any insurance policy, it is highly recommended that you discuss with your broker about what is included in your policy.

Additional Info:

Having the right motorcycle insurance protects you financially in case of an accident. But navigating a claim can be stressful. Megson FitzPatrick has dedicated claims professionals to help! Get in touch today to discuss your motorcycle insurance options and learn more.


What Factors Affect the Price of my Chilliwack Motorcycle Insurance?

It is important to note that the overall price of motorcycle insurance in Chilliwack can differ widely depending on the provider you are working with. Additionally, it helps to keep in mind that motorcycle insurance is typically much more expensive than car insurance and if you are used to paying only auto insurance rates you might be in for a bit of a surprise. This is due to the fact that your provider will need to take into account all the different unique risks you face as a motorcycle rider: how easy your bike is to steal (next to how easy a car might be to thieve), how difficult bikes are to spot on the road in times of low visibility and late or early hours, higher recovery rates, and the general fact that more of the accidents motorcyclists are involved in tend to produce more serious and even fatal injuries since the rider has far less protection than if they were driving a car. When you are shopping around for a motorcycle insurance quote in Chilliwack, make sure to be aware of the following factors that may affect your costs:

  • What you use your bike for, whether that is simply leisure, work purposes, racing, etc. The riskier your practice and the more complex your commute the more likely you are to see higher insurance costs.
  • Your bike, its age, and its model. Typically, newer bikes are manufactured from more costly materials, meaning that they will be more expensive to repair if you are involved in an accident. Moreover, they are more appealing to thieves.
  • How experienced you are as a driver. If you have just purchased your motorcycle and have never owned a bike before you may see higher rates. Mitigate this increase by taking a motorcycle safety course; this will not only help to manage your costs, but it will also make you safer on the road.
  • The coverage options you select for your Chilliwack motorcycle insurance policy. The more coverage you choose to include, the higher your rates will be.

Manage your rates by working with an expert from Megson FitzPatrick. Our team is willing to provide you advice on the kind of coverage you should choose to include in your policy in order to ensure that both you and your bike are aptly protected should anything happen.

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