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Kamloops Motorcycle Insurance

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Kamloops Motorcycle Insurance

There is no better place for bike riders than Kamloops, British Columbia. The opportunities in this Canadian city are boundless; however, it is important to note that before you set out with your new ride you should first look into equipping yourself with the right motorcycle insurance. Kamloops bike owners should know that motorcycle insurance is necessary in order to provide a financial safety net should anything unfortunate befall your bike whether it is involved in an accident, is stolen, damaged, etc. Your typical Kamloops motorcycle insurance policy may include liability coverage as well in the event that you are found liable for the injuries of another person or their property. A number of different motorcycles may be covered under a typical policy.

Megson FitzPatrick loves our neighbours in Kamloops and is looking forward to helping you insure your precious toy. Whether your vehicle is for leisure, a way to get around, or simply a collectible, our team of experts is ready to help provide you with insurance solutions that work. Our protection and risk management solutions are unmatched by any other insurance provider within the province of British Columbia, so let us worry about the insurance so that you can get back to enjoying the open road with your bike. Megson FitzPatrick is always looking for more ways we can help you enjoy all the opportunities our beautiful province provides us with without needing to always have “what if?” on the back of your mind.

You can get a Kamloops motorcycle insurance quote online for free with Megson FitzPatrick at no obligation. See just how easy good, comprehensive coverage can be in just a few clicks.

Do I Really Need Motorcycle Insurance in Kamloops?

In British Columbia, a certain bare minimum of liability insurance is required before you can hop on board. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you carry a certain amount of coverage in order to ensure that you are covered should anything happen. After all, they’re called accidents for a reason, and no amount of safe driving can prepare us for an unforeseen crash, incident vandalism, or theft. Motorcycle insurance in Kamloops is essential to protecting both yourself and your investment and it is important to keep in mind that motorcycles are not cars – they are much easier to steal and can be far more dangerous to operate than your run-of-the-mill automobile.

Motorcycles are difficult to spot on the road, especially when it gets dark. They are fast and can change direction much quicker than cars, making them more unpredictable. Lastly, operators of bikes do not have the same protective devices that a car would have, such as air bags or seat belts. Therefore, our experts here at Megson FitzPatrick highly recommend that you acquire a plan to cover yourself should you plan to operate a motorcycle on public roads. We can help get you Kamloops motorcycle insurance that covers all grounds so that you can get to riding quicker.

What Factors Impact the Cost of My Kamloops Motorcycle Insurance?

Keep in mind that the cost of motorcycle insurance in Kamloops can vary immensely based on your provider. Moreover, motorcycle insurance can be more expensive than car insurance, especially if you are a new rider and are used to paying car insurance costs. Insurance costs tend to be far higher for motorcycle riders due to the number of unique risks that they face while on the road. Providers need to take into account how easy bikes are to steal, recovery rates are higher, motorcycles are tricky to spot on the road (especially during the evening, early hours, and periods of low visibility) and motorcycle crashes tend to involve higher rates of serious injuries due to that the rider has less protection than if they were operating a car. When you are applying for a motorcycle insurance quote in Kamloops, keep in mind some of the following factors that may impact your costs:

  • The age of your bike and its model. Newer bikes with higher values will cost more to replace and your insurance rates will reflect this accordingly.
  • Your personal experience with operating a motorcycle. Newer riders are likely to see higher costs as statistically they are more likely to be involved in an accident due to a lack of experience. Consider taking a motorcycle safety course if you have recently come into the ownership of your first bike. This may help lower your costs and will help to keep you safer on the roads.
  • What you use your bike for. Is it for leisure? Racing? A means to get around? The riskier your practices, the more likely you are to see higher insurance costs.
  • The coverage options you have included in your Kamloops motorcycle insurance policy. The more coverage you opt to purchase the more expensive your rates will be. Luckily, a broker from Megson FitzPatrick is willing to sit down with you to discuss what coverage options you should and should not include based on your individual requirements.

Contact Megson FitzPatrick for advice on what coverage you should purchase in order to ensure that both you and your bike are sufficiently protected should anything happen.

What Does my Kamloops Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Your standard motorcycle insurance in Kamloops may cover a portion or all of the expenses pertaining to any damage caused to your bike. Moreover, a typical motorcycle insurance policy may include compensation for harm done to third-party or their property. This is referred to as bodily injury or property damage liability and your policy may provide reimbursement for up to a stated amount.

The following may be included in your Kamloops motorcycle insurance policy:

Simple Medical & Hospital Related Vector Line Icon.
Accident Benefits

For any injuries caused to you or to any other passengers you may be carrying with you on your bike.

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Replacement Expenses

For your bike should it be entirely written off in an accident or was stolen.

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Like with vehicle insurance, this coverage may provide you insurance in the event that you are involved in an accident with a driver that does not have or lacks sufficient coverage.

As always, be sure to discuss with your broker about what is included in your policy.

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