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ICBC Online Renewals and You

There is some exciting news on the ICBC front for British Columbians this year, for certain policies expiring on or after May 1st people will...

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It’s the Time of the Season for… De-Winterizing Your RV!

It has been a long winter, full of unseasonably cold temperatures and extreme weather, but spring is here, and that means it’s time to gear...

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Getting Your Motorcycle Back on the Road

After conflicting reports from Groundhogs, it appears that spring is upon us in Victoria. And you know what that means – it’s time to get...

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There’s Insurance for That: Medical Malpractice

We have all heard of malpractice – it is often the villain in episodes of soapy medical dramas – but what do you actually know...

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car… But First Let Me Update My Insurance

Are you the friend with the car? Are you the person with the truck that everyone needs to borrow? Are your children saving up to...

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2022 Insurance Market Outlook

In February 2020, we wrote about the volatile insurance market that we had been facing for the preceding eighteen months, and how we expected it...

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