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Bylaw Coverages

Covers bringing your home up to code after an insured loss. More and more, this is being included in basic home insurance coverage.

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Fair Rental Value

If you rent your home or rent out
a room in your home, you’re
eligible for lost income coverage
in the event of an insured loss or
an evacuation.

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Glass Repair & Replacement

Repairs or replacement to glass doors and windows. Often included in basic coverage.

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Overland Water Coverage

This covers “overland” water damage, such as a flood. Generally, this is the overflow of any fresh body of water or due to rapid accumulation of rain or snowmelt.

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Collector Coverage

If you have a special collection like coins or comic books, this coverage will ensure it’s protected.

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Vacant Home Coverage

If you’re leaving your home vacant for some time, you’ll need this home insurance coverage.

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Storage Coverage

If you have items in storage, this add-on will extend your home insurance coverage to insure those items.

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Service Line Repair or Replacement

This can include sewer and water lines, internet and power cables, as well as irrigation. This coverage will help you cover those expenses.

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Personal Floaters Coverage

For high-value belongings, such as bicycles, jewellery, artwork and more.

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Sewer Backup Coverage

This can cover the cost of having to repair your home from water being pushed into your house through your drainage system or pipes from the sewer.

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Identity Theft Coverage

For if you are the victim of identity theft, this protection policy can reimburse you for any costs involved in reclaiming financial identity and repairing credit reports.