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Our History

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Alan Megson opens General Insurance office. Franchise of State Farm.

A. Megson and Son

State Farm withdraw from BC market. P&C Market secured and Michael Megson is licensed to sell recently formed ICBC auto.

Megson & FitzPatrick

Michael Megson meets David FitzPatrick while attending University.

Megson Insurance Agency

Michael graduates from university and purchases the agency from his father David FitzPatrick starts work for Guardian Insurance.

Megson FitzPatrick

David FitzPatrick comes in as a partner. Megson FitzPatrick is formed.

Shelbourne Office

Megson FitzPatrick moves into Shelbourne Location.

McKenzie Office

Megson FitzPatrick opens the McKenzie office.

Shandley Tuson

Megson FitzPatrick purchases Shandley Tuson Insurance.

Wilson Street

Megson FitzPatrick opens the Wilson office.

Town & Country

Megson FitzPatrick & Ralph Libby purchase Town & Country Insurance.

Merit Town & Country

Megson FitzPatrick and Town & Country purchases Merit Insurance. Becomes MTC.


Megson FitzPatrick opens Uptown office.

EMT Formed

The Executive Management team is formed to run MFI.

Cumberbirch Insurance

Megson FitzPatrick purchases Cumberbirch Insurance Agency.

Business Division

Megson FitzPatrick opens Business Division on Redbrick Street.

New Partnership

Megson FitzPatrick announces partnership with Rogers Group of Companies, making our combined organization one of the top five largest independent insurance brokerages in Canada.

Brenda Retires

Brenda Ireland retires as a shareholder.

50 Years

Megson FitzPatrick celebrates 50 years in business.

David Retires

David FitzPatrick retires as a shareholder.

Rogers Majority Shareholder

Rogers Insurance becomes majority shareholder.

McKenzie & Wilson Merge into Shelbourne & Uptown

The McKenzie and Wilson Street branches merge into the Shelbourne and Uptown branches.

Laura Bolster President & COO

Laura Bolster becomes the President & COO.

Michael Retires

Michael Megson retires.


Megson FitzPatrick Opens Nanaimo Branch.

Polaris Solutions

Polaris Solutions joins Megson FitzPatrick.