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ICBC Auto Insurance Changes

With crashes, injury claims, legal and repair costs at their peak, BC is facing a significant problem with Auto insurance. The past several months, ICBC has been focusing on improving the way individuals are being rated for their car insurance in an effort to get the insurance system back on track. By changing the renewal process and the way insurance premiums are set, ICBC hopes to set a greater focus on care, have safer roads to reduce crashes and provide the highest standard of repairs at the best price.

Policies effective September 1, 2019 or later, ICBC is shifting to more of a driver-based model and you’ll be asked to list the drivers of your vehicle.

When you come in to renew you’ll need:

  • The driver’s license numbers and date of birth for each driver you’re listing on your policy
  • To identify the principal driver of the listed drivers
  • A photo of the current odometer reading (if your car is being driven less than 5,000 km/year)

The changes being applied to the way premiums are set involve placing more emphasis on driving experience and crash history. Although these currently play a role in determining your premium, the impact will be greater in the new rating system. ICBC also asks that you list who drives your car; at a minimum household members, employees and regular drivers should be listed.

To learn more about the changes and use the interactive tool to see how adding drivers impacts premium, click here!

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