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ICBC Online Renewals and You

There is some exciting news on the ICBC front for British Columbians this year, for certain policies expiring on or after May 1st people will have the option of renewing online.

This new tool is ready for use for policies expiring May 1st and beyond, however, eligible policy holders can renew up to 44 days before their policy expires. This means the new online service is available as of March 17, 2022. This new way of renewing does not take your broker out of the picture, each online renewal will still be reviewed by one of our auto experts if you select Megson FitzPatrick Insurance as your broker when processing your online renewal. If we notice anything that needs clarification, we will reach out to you to discuss. As your trusted advisor we want to make sure that you are properly covered for your vehicle use and insurance needs.

What Type of Auto Policies Are Eligible for Online Transactions?

  1. Renewals that are owned by one individual and have not expired
  2. Drivers who use their vehicle for pleasure, to/from/part way to work/school

What changes can I make with an online renewal?

  1. Renew with the same coverage as you have now
  2. Change your address
  3. Add/Remove Drivers
  4. Change your use

What types of policies/vehicles are not eligible for online renewals?

  1. Any policy that has expired
  2. Any jointly owned vehicle
  3. A vehicle in a company name
  4. A leased vehicle
  5. Commercially used vehicles
  6. Fleet vehicles
  7. Motorcycles
  8. Collector Vehicles
  9. If you want to add, remove, or change your ICBC optional coverages
  10. You have a debt with ICBC

For any of the above noted vehicles or situations, reach out to one of our auto experts and they can assist with your renewal over the phone, or in person.

What Types of transactions cannot be done online?

  1. Expired policies
  2. New plates/transfer of ownership
  3. Midterm changes
  4. Cancellations
  5. Temporary Operation Permits

For any of the above noted transactions, reach out to one of our auto experts and they can assist with your renewal over the phone, or in person.

How do I Renew Online?

Step 1. Go to and select renew online

Step 2.  Log in with your BC Services Card App (a second login option will be available later)

Step 3. Select Megson FitzPatrick Insurance as your broker

Step 4. Confirm your coverage and policy details, update use, drivers or address and pay for your policy.

Step 5. Print your insurance documents, request a copy be mailed to you via Canada Post

Step 6. Your renewal is complete, after you have paid your selected broker will review the renewal and contact you if needed.

Verifying Identity for the ICBC Online Renewal

To ensure that it is the registered owner that is renewing the policy online ICBC has enlisted the help of BC Services and will use that to verify your identity. To learn how to use and install the app, visit BC Services Card App – Province of BC

Please note that if you are having issues with verifying yourself with the BC Services Card App, our agents are unable to help with that step. You can call 1.888.356.2741 to reach BC Services, they are available Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5pm PST. Or call one of our auto experts and we can renew over the phone with you.

Payment for Online Renewals

You can renew with an existing monthly payment plan, set up a new monthly payment plan or pay by credit card when renewing online. If you wish to pay by cheque, debit, or cash, please visit one of our offices and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Insurance Documents & Decals

For any policy renewing May 1, 2022, or later, you no longer need a decal on your license plate. You will still need to carry a printed copy of your insurance documents in your vehicle at all times, at this time an electronic copy is not acceptable.  If you do not have a printer, you have two options for obtaining a printed copy of your insurance documents. Request a copy from ICBC by mail via Canada Post or visit any broker office and request a printed copy.

Regardless of how you want to renew, we are here to support you, please call us with any questions and we are happy to help.

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