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Insurance for DJs: Keep the Turntables from Turning on You

Every party needs music. We might argue over what it should be, but we all agree that it’s a must.

As a DJ, you know that keeping people happy (and dancing) is vital to your business. Equally as important in protecting your business and reputation is having proper insurance in place.

The Basics

There are two main components to the insurance you will want as a DJ: property and liability.

Property insurance covers your equipment and gear if it is damaged, lost or stolen. When determining the amount of coverage you require for your DJ business’ property, consider the cost to replace it all brand new, and how easily each item could be replaced. Discuss coverage options with your business insurance broker to make sure your property is covered (a) while it is at home, (b) while it is in transit to an event, and (c) while it is at the venue.

Liability insurance covers you should someone bring a lawsuit against you if, in the pursuits of your DJ-ing, you damage someone else’s property, or cause them bodily injury. If you are sued, liability insurance provides coverage for defense and settlement costs (with some exclusions). A full overview of commercial liability insurance policies can be found here.

The premium for your DJ insurance policy will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of your earnings, the value of your equipment, and the types of events you play.

The Options

If you DJ once or twice a year, and just want liability coverage because the venue requires it, you may be able to get an event policy to cover you for the day or two you need it. These policies typically do not include coverage for property, only liability.

For those who DJ more regularly, or want coverage for their property, a commercial insurance package would be a more comprehensive choice.

The Questions

Doesn’t my home insurance cover my equipment?

It might – most homeowners’ insurance policies include a limited amount of coverage for business items while they are on premises. That means you get a little coverage while they are at home, but as soon as the items leaves your property, there is no coverage for them. Therefore, if your property is damaged in a car accident on the way to a gig, stolen from the backroom of a club, or knocked over during a particularly rowdy first dance at a wedding, you would likely not have coverage through your home insurance policy.

How could my DJ-ing cause bodily injury?

Rest assured, if your tunes are just so good that someone dances too hard and throws their back out, that probably won’t result in a lawsuit (in Canada, at least). However, should someone trip over your loose cords, and knock out their front teeth, you could be sued for damages. To be found guilty, you would have to be proven negligent. Using brightly coloured extension cords and securing all your equipment may help reduce the risk of injury, and the risk of your actions being considered negligent.

How could my DJ-ing cause property damage?

If a piece of your equipment fell off a table or stage and dented the floors at a venue, you could be found liable for that damage.

Help protect your business, and your professional reputation by working with your commercial insurance broker to manage your risk, and get the coverage that’s right for you.

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