Victoria Home Insurance

Victoria is an amazing place to live for so many reasons and your family’s home matters as much to you as it does to us and the community around you; after all, it is more than just a house, it’s a home; a place to go back to at the end of the day, your sanctuary, and the birthplace of your cherished memories. With one of your largest investments, you want to be sure that your home is sufficiently protected with Victoria home insurance.

Megson FitzPatrick has your back when you need a reliable Victoria home insurance provider. We help you every step of the way; making sure your insurance is easy to understand. Home insurance, while not required by law, is highly recommended by insurance providers because it can help defend you and your family against lofty expenses that can arise should something unexpected happen. Home insurance is also here to help cover the costs if a third-party is hurt on your property or if you happen to damage someone else’s property.

Why do I need home insurance in Victoria?

What would happen if your home were to be damaged in an unforeseen disaster? Would you have the finances necessary to repair your property, replace its contents, and more? The truth is that these things can be more expensive than anticipated. For instance, imagine that there was a fire in your area and your home was affected. The fire consumes part of your ground floor and some of your upper floor and even spreads to the buildings around your home. The costs to repair your property and the affected buildings can quickly accumulate, however, if you have insurance, you can set your mind at ease. Having the right Victoria home insurance can mean the difference between you being on the hook to replace your assets versus having your expenses covered.

It is easy to assume that, as long as you take the proper precautions, you won’t ever have to deal with these expenses. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Be prepared for the unexpected by working with Megson FitzPatrick’s Victoria home insurance brokers. We look after the insurance, so you can get back to enjoying life.

How are my Victoria home insurance premiums calculated?

Home insurance may seem complicated at first. Luckily, the team at Megson FitzPatrick is well-versed in general insurance and can help explain your insurance to you, in terms you understand. We are here to assist, so that you are aware of what does and does not affect your Victoria home insurance premiums. Here are some of the main factors that go into determining your property insurance costs:

  • Location: Where you live in Victoria is a big indicator of what potential hazards you may face. Your insurance providers will investigate your neighbourhood’s past experiences (natural disasters, instances of crime like break-ins or vandalism, etc.) and determine how likely it is that future claims are possible.
  • Overall replacement costs: How much would it cost to rebuild your home entirely in the event of a total loss? Think replacement value for your home’s contents, rebuilding the structure, rebuilding out-buildings, living expenses for the period in which you have to evacuate your property, and more. Also, keep in mind that the market value for your home may not be the same the cost to rebuild your home (especially if any renovations have been made in the time that you have lived in the home). This value will go into calculating your Victoria home insurance premiums.
  • Kinds of coverage. What types of coverage does your Victoria home insurance policy include? The higher the coverage you purchase and the more endorsements you include, the higher your insurance costs will be.

Discuss the factors that go into calculating your premiums with a Victoria home insurance broker as well as tips for how you can save on your costs today.

Common homeowners insurance endorsements

Home insurance is purchased to protect both you and your family. Of course, all general policies have their limitations, which is why you may want to look at including some endorsements to ensure that there are no gaps in your coverage. Here are some popular Victoria home insurance endorsements you may want to consider:

Sewer backup

For damages resulting from clogged drains or damage to sewer lines, this common home insurance endorsement is not generally included in your average policy but is easily added to enhance your coverage. This endorsement may be able to protect you from losses or damages to your home’s structure as a result of a ruptured pipe, septic system seepage, or escaped water from plumbing systems.


Many policies exclude damage caused by earthquakes. If you live in British Columbia, this endorsement may provide coverage for your home’s physical structure, your detached private structures, and your home’s contents in the event of an earthquake. Coverage from this endorsement may alter depending on your insurance provider, so be sure to discuss it in detail with a Victoria home insurance broker.

Home-based business

Always be sure to discuss with your broker if you conduct any business from your home as home-based businesses are not typically included in your Victoria home insurance policy; meaning, in the event of a business-related emergency, you would not be covered. Depending on the size of business that you operate, you may be able to purchase a home-based business endorsement.

If you are unsure, discuss your coverage options with a Victoria home insurance broker. They will be able to explain, in detail the best coverage options for you.