Campbell River Home Insurance

You’ve made your livelihood in Campbell River. Here, your home is not just a place to go back to at the end of the day, but memories, family moments, and more. Your property is a huge investment, so you want to be sure it is protected by having the right Campbell River home insurance. It is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your family’s home.

Megson FitzPatrick has got you covered for when you need a Campbell River home insurance policy you can rely on. Throughout every step of the process we will be there with you to help ensure that you understand your coverage and have enough of a handle on it to where you can start making your own, more informed decisions for both you and your family. Although home insurance in Campbell River is not required by law, it is highly recommended that you carry adequate coverage because it can be essential for helping protect you and your family against some pretty costly damages that can occur if something unexpected should happen. Also, home insurance can come in handy if a third-party is hurt on your estate or if you damage someone else’s property.

Why do I need home insurance in Campbell River?

Why do you need home insurance in Campbell River? Why is home insurance necessary at all? Home insurance is not mandated by law within the province of British Columbia but is highly recommended for numerous reasons. Would you be able to pay for repairs or cover the overall costs if your home was to be damaged or entirely destroyed in an unforeseen accident? Despite all the precautions that we may take to protect our homes, there is no telling as to when or what will happen later down the road. The costs it can take to do any necessary rebuilding or repairs can quickly add up – why is why having insurance can be especially handy in a tight situation. Having the right Campbell River home insurance can sometimes mean the difference between stumbling into debt and having all your costs completely or mostly covered.

While it can help to be prepared, we can’t always anticipate everything. Accidents happen. Be ready for the unexpected by working with Megson FitzPatrick’s Campbell River home insurance brokers. We secure your insurance so all you need to worry about is living your life as per usual.

How are my Campbell River home insurance premiums calculated?

There are many factors that are considered when it comes to figuring out your insurance. Megson FitzPatrick’s team of experts will discuss with you the ins and outs of your insurance with you so that you aren’t left in the dark. Here are a few of the factors that are considered when determining your overall insurance costs:

  • Overall replacement costs: If your home was to be destroyed entirely, how much would it cost you to rebuild? Think: your home’s structure, external physical buildings, home contents, temporary living expenses, and more.
  • Where you live: Your area might be more prone to crime, vandalism, certain natural disasters, etc. Insurance providers take this into account when determining your costs.
  • Coverage options: The more endorsements you purchase, the higher your premiums will be. Be sure to purchase coverage options only where necessary. A broker will be able to help discuss with you what you may need and what you can do without.
  • Your home’s age. The older that your home is, the higher there is a chance of you having to make a potential claim. This may cause you to see higher home insurance claims than if your home was newer or modernized.

A broker will be able to review these endorsements with you in further detail as well as give you advice as to what coverage options will be of benefit to you.

Common homeowners insurance endorsements

You want to ensure your home insurance is adequate enough to properly cover all your property and all your family’s assets. However, general Campbell River home insurance policies may have their limitations, so you will want to look into possibly including some endorsements in order to fill any gaps left in your coverage. Below we have detailed some popular Campbell River home insurance endorsements that are worth your consideration:


As a resident of British Columbia, you understand that earthquakes are a risk to your property. Many policies will typically exclude earthquake damage and so if you live in an area that is at high-risk you may want to consider purchasing this endorsement. Earthquake insurance can come in handy for when you need coverage for your home’s physical structure, its contents, and any detached private structures you may own. The protection you receive from this endorsement can depend upon your insurance provider so always be sure to contact a Campbell River home insurance broker to discuss your coverage in further detail.

Home-based business

If you run a small home-based business, be sure to discuss the extent of your operations with your insurance broker. Why? Well, if anything were to happen within your home that was business related, you may not be covered by your home insurance. Campbell River small business owners may need to look into purchasing a home-based business endorsement or an entirely separate commercial policy in order to be covered. Always be honest with your broker about the details of your business to ensure that you will have the coverage necessary to be protected in the event of an accident.

Sewer backup

Many policies will include some kind of coverage for certain types of water damage but in order to be covered for damages as a result of clogged drains or burst pipes, you will need to purchase sewer backup insurance. This common home insurance endorsement is relatively inexpensive and can protect your property from several potentially major losses as a result of septic system seepage, damage from escaped waters, and pipe rupture.

As always, if you are not sure what coverage options you may require, discuss with a Campbell River home insurance broker. Our team are willing to share their expertise with you in order to help you make a more informed decision about what coverage you require.