Courtenay Insurance

As one of the largest communities in the area referred to as the Comox Valley, Courtenay thrives on its diversity. We are always excited to be working with our neighbours in the province of British Columbia and are eager to get started with you. Megson FitzPatrick’s Courtenay insurance brokers are skilled individuals in all areas of general insurance and are able to help provide clients with risk management solutions to help them protect their personals, businesses and more before anything happens in the first place. Whether you are looking for commercial insurance or personal in B.C., Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services should be your first choice as a leading independent brokerage in the province. As always, we are devoted to helping our friends living in the surrounding communities.

Purchasing insurance isn’t like shopping for socks. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. So, when you want insurance that covers all your assets and risk management programs that work, you should know that Megson FitzPatrick’s main motivation is finding coverage that is personalized for you or your business’ specific requirements. Since we first kicked off, our brokerage has been driven by a single goal: always do the right thing and help serve the communities of British Columbia (where we live, too!) as best we can. To accomplish this, we strive to continually deliver first-rate customer service and solutions for commercial risk mitigation in order to ensure we can all live with minimal stress and properly enjoy our beautiful province. Entrust Megson FitzPatrick – you won’t go wrong.

Part of our great service is that Megson FitzPatrick offers Courtenay insurance quotes for free online. There’s no obligation. All you need to do is apply.

About Us

Megson FitzPatrick is proud to declare that it has been striving for excellence since the very beginning. We are, and always have been, an independent insurance broker with roots planted firmly in Victoria B.C. It is our passion to help serve all our neighbours in the surrounding communities. We want to help provide you with personalized, innovative insurance and risk management solutions targeted to helping safeguard the lifestyles, properties and commercial enterprises of our clients. Our mission has always been to do the right thing and we are eager to help you along the way.

Megson FitzPatrick’s choices and decisions have always been driven by our values and purpose to provide the best possible customer experience whenever we work with you. Our core drive is to improve the lives of our neighbours in the surrounding communities within B.C., as well as the lives of our excellent team and all others in the province through our quality service and insurance products.

Why Do I Need Insurance?

Insurance is not always mandated by provincial law, but it is in your best interest, your family’s, and your business’ that you carry an adequate amount of coverage so that there is a safety net in place for if anything should go wrong. Both personal and commercial insurance can help cover you from having to pay for repairs and replacements to your home, automobile, recreational vehicle and/or business on your own following an insured loss. In some circumstances, insurance in Courtenay will be mandatory depending on if you rent your vehicle or have a mortgage on your home. For these cases, your lender or mortgagee may request that you purchase a certain minimum of coverage. There are a few reasons why Megson FitzPatrick recommends that you purchase insurance:

  • You want to have security in knowing that all your assets are secure in the event that anything unexpected should occur.
  • Circumstances in your personal or professional life require you to carry certain additional benefits.
  • You want to ensure that your business’ doors can remain open for many years to come.
  • You do not have the funds necessary to pay out of pocket if something should happen to your property, business, or vehicle.

Megson FitzPatrick’s Courtenay insurance brokers are available to discuss with you more reasons as to why you should carry insurance. We are willing to look over your personal requirements, whether for your business, home or even your motorcycle in order to decide on what coverage is best for you.

Why Our Courtenay Insurance Brokers Are #1

Our Courtenay insurance brokers at Megson FitzPatrick are not only experts in the industry but also some of the most friendly and skilled individuals you will get to meet. They are excited to start working with you to help you find the protection that you need for your individual requirements and will help get you the coverage that works with your personal budget. Our experts are specialized in all realms of insurance, including residential, auto and marine, so we can always get you something that works. Megson FitzPatrick looks forward to helping ensure that you get a sufficient amount of coverage to help protect what is most valuable to you, your clients and your family. Here are a few of the reasons why Megson FitzPatrick’s Courtenay insurance brokers are #1 in the province of British Columbia:

  • When you choose to work with a member of our team, you can trust in them to do all the shopping for you. Once we get to know you, we can help find competitive quotes for prices that fit your budget.
  • It’s up to you for how you want to meet with our Courtenay insurance brokers. We can discuss your coverage with you over the phone, by email, or in person. You choose!
  • If you need to make a claim, our brokers will be your advocates to help get you your settlement in as little time possible. Our contacts and our expertise can be used at your discretion.
  • The advice our Courtenay insurance brokers provide is unbiased and always based on your personal requirements. We work with you directly so that we can get to know you and determine what you need and what you don’t.

Courtenay Insurance Products We Offer

As residents of British Columbia, Megson FitzPatrick is always looking for more ways that it can help improve the lives of our clients. We have a team of experts at the ready who are informed in all areas of general insurance and are looking to help you! Secure your assets with any of the quality insurance programs that we offer, including the following: business insurance, motorcycle insurance, and home insurance. Insurance in Courtenay has never been easier to obtain and understand than it is now with Megson FitzPatrick in your corner. No need to wait: you can get a free quote today and see just how dependable we are! Here are the products that we offer:

Free Insurance Quotes in Courtenay

Looking for insurance in Courtenay that is tailored to your individual needs? Or do you want commercial protection suited particularly for your business’ industry? Worry not – Megson FitzPatrick has got you covered. In order to serve our clients best, we make all our decisions based towards a singular goal: providing the highest quality customer experience at every opportunity that comes around.

Get free insurance quotes in Courtenay with Megson FitzPatrick. Just apply online and get your quote for free in a matter of a few minutes.