Duncan Insurance

The city of Duncan is a small sector on southern Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Its rich history, large Indigenous community, and many tourist attractions make it a popular place for visitors; in fact, its tourism industry is a lifeforce of its economy. Megson FitzPatrick is excited to be extending its services to individuals and business professionals living in Duncan. Our Duncan insurance brokers are some of the best there is in the business, are well-read on all areas of general insurance, and can employ their skills to help clients with risk management solutions tailored to their personal circumstances. Whether you need your personals looked after or your commercial enterprise, Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services is a first choice for residents of British Columbia as its leading independent brokerage. We are devoted to providing insurance and helping out our friends living in all the amazing communities within our great province.

Shopping for insurance is atypical because there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” When you are trying to find coverage that works for your family’s personals or your new company, you should be conscious of the fact that your situation is not the same as anyone else’s. That’s why it is important to find coverage that sufficiently protects all your assets and provides risk management programs according to the industry within which you operate. Megson FitzPatrick’s main motivation is always finding protection tailored to your personal needs or the requirements of your company. Ever since our opening, our brokerage has been motivated by one single goal: to always do the right thing and serve the communities of British Columbia as best as we possibly can. Trust in us to look after your insurance – you won’t go wrong.

As part of Megson FitzPatrick’s great service package, we offer Duncan insurance quotes free online. When you apply, there is no obligation. Get a free quote today!

About Us

We are incredibly proud to say that Megson FitzPatrick has always been striving for excellence from the moment that we started up. We are, and have always been, an independent insurance broker situated in Victoria B.C. on a mission to help our friends in the surrounding communities. It is our mission as part of the insurance industry to help provide our neighbours with high-quality insurance products and advice. We get you insurance that is personalized and innovative, and our Duncan insurance brokers are experts in providing risk management solutions to all the businesses that we serve. We are always looking for more ways to help safeguard your lifestyles, properties and commercial enterprises.

Megson FitzPatrick’s choices are always based upon our core value: to provide the best possible customer service whenever we work with our clients. Our chief drive is to better the lives of those sharing this province with us, as well as the lives of our team and the communities throughout our province by offering quality service and a wide range of insurance products.

Why Do I Need Insurance?

Insurance is not always required by provincial law (depending on what is being covered), but it is generally in the best interest of you, your family, and your business that you purchase a sufficient amount of coverage so that there is a safety net in place for if anything should go awry. Commercial insurance and personal insurance are there to help cover you from having to foot the bill alone for any repairs or replacements you may need to make following a loss as a result of a named peril. For some people, insurance in Duncan may be required if you have a mortgage on your hone or rent your vehicle. Often, a lender or mortgagee may ask that you purchase a base amount of coverage in order to ensure that their assets will be protected should something happen. Here are a few of the reasons why we recommend you carry insurance here at Megson FItzPatrick:

  • You want to keep your business’ doors open for many fruitful years to come.
  • You want to have peace in mind that your possessions and important investments are secure in case anything unforeseen should happen.
  • You aren’t in the right financial standings to be paying out of pocket should anything disastrous happen to your business, property or vehicle.
  • Your personal or professional life makes it so that you require to purchase additional benefits.

Our Duncan insurance brokers here at Megson FitzPatrick are happy to discuss with you all of the reasons why you should carry insurance. One of our experts will sit down with you to discuss your requirements, whether that’s for your motorcycle, your home, or your business. Don’t worry – we’ll find the right fit for you!

Why Our Duncan Insurance Brokers Are #1

Our Duncan insurance brokers are some of the most skilled and friendly individuals you will ever get to meet. At Megson FitzPatrick, our team is specialized in all areas of general insurance, as well as residential, marine, and auto. There will always be something for you. We get you adequately covered at a reasonable price so that you can protect what matters most to you and your family. It is important to have someone in your corner who will advocate you for when you need to make a claim; our team is dependable and reliable. We look forward to helping you out when it comes to ensuring you have the right amount of coverage so that you are able to protect what matters most to you. Here are a few of the reasons why we are some of the most trusted Duncan insurance brokers and are considered to be #1 in British Columbia:

  • Megson FitzPatrick’s team does the shopping for you. Once we get to know you and your needs, we can help you browse the market and find competitive quotes for prices that work for you.
  • The advice that our Duncan insurance brokers provide is always unbiased and catered towards your individual requirements. We get to know you so that you only ever get what you need and nothing that you don’t.
  • However you want to contact us is up to you! Whether you want to chat over the phone, in person, or by email, it’s your choice.
  • We advocate for you if you need to make a claim. This makes it so that you can get your settlement as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Duncan Insurance Products We Offer

We’re residents of British Columbia too; that’s why Megson FitzPatrick is so motivated to help improve to lives of our clients. Our team of experts is willing and ready to help you out with all areas of general insurance and can discuss with you how you can secure all of your important assets with any of our first-rate insurance programs, including the following: business insurance, home insurance, and motorcycle insurance. Insurance in Duncan has never been easier or more comprehensible than it is now thanks to our excellent broker team. Why wait? You can get your quote for free today at no obligation and see how easy it is. Here are a few of the insurance products that we offer:

Free Insurance Quotes in Duncan

Want insurance in Duncan that will sufficiently guard you, your personals, or your business? Look no further. Megson FitzPatrick has got you covered in every area. We serve our clients best and make all our choices in accordance with our core value: to provide the best quality customer service at every opportunity that comes around.

Get free insurance quotes in Duncan with us at no obligation. Just apply with our forum online and you will receive a free quote in a matter of just a few minutes.